No. Author Name Paper Title DOI Number
1 Prof. US dr hab. inż. Kesra Nermend,
dr inż. Mateusz Piwowarski
Cognitive Neuroscience Techniques in Supporting Decision Making and the Analysis of Social Campaign Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p1
2 Assist. Prof. Dr. Thulasi Krishna.
KAssist. Prof. Dr. R. Vara PrasadAssist.
Prof. Dr. R. Varadarajan
Understanding Investors’ Sentiment Using Dividend Models: An Empirical Study (Online Presentation) Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p2
3 Karwan Dhahir Saber Kurdistan’s politics issues regarding Production Sharing Contract with Iraqi Central Government and analyses whether this contract best suits Kurdistan or Iraq as whole Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p3
4 Bryar Tofiq Rashid The Relationship Between Decentralization and Power and Conflict Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p4
5 Khadija Alaa Makki Aid, Conflict, and Growth: The Case of Iraq Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p5
6 Peshawa Mohammed Ali Sectarianism as a Tool to Debilitate the Political and Social Situation in the State of Iraq Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p6
7 Halmet Bradosti Analysis of Public Perception on virtual currency in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p7
8 Dr. Ahmet Demir Operations Management Decision in Shopping Malls Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p8
9 Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmad H. BattalAssist.
Prof. Dr. Aysar Y. FahadSubhi Jarwaan
Estimating the total productivity growth of insurance companies listed in the Iraqi Stock Exchange Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p9
10 Anas Muhammad Zuhair Al-Haj Hussein Corporate Governance and Creative Accounting Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p10
11 Taban Kanabi Yaba The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty: A research on banking sector employees in Erbil, Kurdistan Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p11
12 Fatih Cura
Teba Ahmed Alani
Accreditation Effect on Quality of Education at Business Schools Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p12
13 Karwan Hushyar Sherwani A comparative analysis of national university ranking system in Kurdistan-Region and other national university rankings: An Emphasis on criteria and Methodologies. Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p13
14 Yusra Farooq Baqal
Navulur Krishna Surarchith
The Impact of organizational culture and creativity of employees on performance of employees – Evidence from IT based companies in India. Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p14
15 Karwan Talaat Rashid The Relationship Between Employee Compensation and Job Performance in Private University In Erbil, Kurdistan Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p15
16 Aws Y. Abed The Effect of Word of Mouth Communication on The Consumer Buying Behavior Towards Mobile Phones Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p16
17 Osman Sahin Measuring the Brand Image Association with Personal and Social Factors for Private Universities Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p17
18 Dr. Uma Shankar Singh A Conceptual Approach Correlating Behavioral Neuroscience with Vertically Coordinated Vegetable Supply Chain Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p18
19 Marion Oudar The Impact of History School Curriculum on the Identity of Youth living in Kurdistan Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p19
20 Dr. Hawraman Ali Quietly supporting oppression: Britain and the Iraqi Kurds (1958-1964) Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p20
21 Taylan Budur The Impact of Al-Ghazali’s Virtues on Organizational Commitment and Performance: A Case Study at Private Education Institutions in Kurdistan Region of Iraq Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p21
22 Naz Sardar Abdulkarim Public Environmental Awareness in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq: Factors and Policy Recommendations Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p22
23 Alaa Salam Jameel Challenges Facing Students Toward ICT Library Adoption Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p23
24 Diman Salahaddin Jabar
Karwan Talaat Rashid
Evaluation the Theory of Strategic Process: A Multi Step Approach Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p24
25 Fayeq Ali Ali Disruptive Innovation as a Tool for Transforming Physical Money to E-Payment System and Economic Growth Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p25
26 Kazm Saheed Awlla Analyzing Project Management in Housing Construction in Erbil Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p26
27 Yazen N. Mahmood The impact of Risk Culture on Bank Sector Analytical study on Cihan Bank Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p27
28 Thabit H. ThabitAlan Solaimanzadah The Role of SOX Act in Enhancing the Internal Control Systems of Kurdistan Banks Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p28
29 Dr. Ahmet Sekreter Challenges in Islamic Finance Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p29
30 Brwa Ahmed Impact of Self-Esteem and Academic Achievements of University Students Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p30
31 Dr. Dilshad H. Khdhir Safe Havens in Iraq: marking the end of non-intervention Doi:10.23918/icabep2018p31