Fatih CURA
Business and Management Department, Ishik University, Erbil, Iraq
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Teba Ahmed Alani
Business and Management Department, Ishik University, Erbil, Iraq
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Quality is considered as an instrument to achieve excellence in all areas more specifically in education. Academic excellence has been a central value in higher education. Accreditation is raised to develop and enhance the quality of education in the academic world. Nowadays there are many accreditation bodies all around the world. AACSB, EFMD and AMBA, they are highly integrated accreditation agencies specialized for business schools. General presumptions regarding the standards and quality of those institutions to facilitate continuous quality improvement in education by assessing any business school or management program. Main purpose of this research paper to investigate the relationship between quality of education and accreditation by exploring the effect and benefits of accreditations in higher education institutions. Based on secondary data and qualitative research in nature papers examines literature by searching Web of Science and Scopus indexed journals and carries out the comparative analysis. This research found out that accreditation agencies are encouraging business schools to make themselves accountable for improving and enhancing the quality of education by impactful and intellectual contribution and scholarly education. In order to achieve that accreditation bodies have set specific standards and criteria, self-evaluation, peer review and consultation services that determined business schools meets the standards. Paper also observed a positive effect of accreditation on students, faculty members and the public in general.

Keywords: Accreditation, AACSCB, EFMD, AMBA, quality of education, business schools

ISBN 978-0-9962570-9-1

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