Aws Y. Abed
Business and Management Department, Ishik University, Erbil, Iraq
Email: [email protected]
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Human beings like to interact, even before the introduction of the internet and social media individuals used to socialize about different topics and try to influence each other’s (intentionally or unintentionally). According to (Gartner, 2018) the number of mobile phones sold in 2017 was more than 1.53 billion devices which indicate that there are a considerable need and marketing effort conducted in this sector. Marketing as an important part of any organization’s activities which tries to move consumers towards having a buying attitude towards their product/service even if it means that they might in some cases exaggerate some facts. Word of mouth communication is considered as a superhero who stood against misleading advertisements and empowered consumers, especially in the technology field. By getting an opinion or advice from a trusted source who has used the product/service and has zero profitable interest from the vendor of the service/product consumers tend to give great credibility to such communications and might change their opinion according to them. This paper will focus on WOM and how it can affect consumer behaviour when it comes to buying the mobile phone as this device is one of the important buying decisions that the consumer face and it has many details and attributes that not any common individual might have knowledge about.

Keywords: WOM, word of mouth, EWOM, buying behaviour, buying decision.

ISBN 978-0-9962570-9-1

Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics
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