The Faculty of Education at Tishk International University informs the authors that the accepted papers will either be published in Zanco Journal Salahaddin University or the International Journal of Social Sciences & Educational Studies at Tishk International University, if the manuscripts meet the journals’ requirements and guidelines. if not, they will be published in the VESAL book of proceedings. The decision will be made by the editorial board.

 To publish the paper, you will need to follow all the publishing guidelines.

  1. Manuscripts should be proofread and edited to attain the highest standards of international publication in English. The VESAL Conference reserves the right to make minor changes to the manuscript’s English to ensure accuracy, consistency, and comprehension. Please write your text in good English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of both). English will be the sole official language.
  2. By submitting a manuscript, the author is implicitly acknowledging that the manuscript has not been previously published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. It is the author’s responsibility to inform the VESAL Conference board whether the manuscript submitted is highly similar in content to any work already published by the author (or being considered for publication elsewhere).
  3. Manuscripts must be prepared using Microsoft Word (MS Word) 2007 / 2010 or compatible programs.
    DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE AS A SAMPLE PAPER. You need to use this template to type your paper. See details on the template. Click to download template
  1. Follow the APA style (American Psychological Association – 6th ed.) for in-text citations and the references list. For information, visit the APA website.
  2. Provide a paragraph of about 100 words including the author’s educational background, specializations, research interests, and/or work experience.
  3. Submit the full manuscript via the VESAL 2022 website. If accepted, the VESAL Editorial Board will then inform for which it is going to be published.
  4. Abstract submission deadline for presenting at VESAL 2022 is April 21st, 2022.