VESAl 2021 Conference- Accepted Papers

Research No. Research Title
1A Linguistic Analysis of Nostalgia in The Retreat, Piano, and Tintern Abby
2Burnout and Self-efficacy levels of University Lecturers
3Family Language Policy and School Language Choice in Iraqi Kurdistan Region
4USING KURDISH IN PREPARATORY ENGLISH LANGUAGE CLASSROOMS: A Replication Study at TISHK International University-Erbil, Iraq
5The Concept of Cohesion and Coherence in Modern Linguistics with Reference to English and Kurdish
6Teaching Translation in Iraqi Undergraduate Translation Programs
7Self-Efficacy for Professional Development – A Need of Present Educational Scenario
8False Cognates and Friends between English and Kurdish
9GIVING EVERY STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES TO SUCCEED: An Analysis of Students Integrated (written and oral) Assessment at TISHK International University-Erbil
10Innovative assessment: Reflect on the assessment tools and its strategies
11Teaching and Learning Writing Skills through Literature
12Defining Verbatim Theatre as a Form of Documentary Theatre
13The Implementation of Problem Based Learning in English Department, College of Languages at Salahaddin University-Erbil
14Legal Translation of Divorce Contracts in Iraq and the USA: A Comparative Study
15Integration of Literature in English Language Teaching: Learners’ Attitudes and Opinions   
16Future Learners Need Learning Strategies
17The Challenges of Student Engagement: Beyond a Deficit Mentality
18Teaching the History of Kurdistan through Visual Art
19The Extent of Accommodating Individual Learners ‘Differences in EFL Classes at CUE
20The Role of Interactive Smart Board in English Language Teaching
21The Effectiveness of Skimming and Scanning Strategies in Facilitating Reading Comprehension for EFL Learners
22Analysis of Mathematics Teacher Candidates about Teaching Practice Courses
23The Need of ESP Courses for the students in the College of Nursing
24The Effects of Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) on the Development of Reading Comprehension in EFL Classes in Kurdistan Region of Iraq
25Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of Online Learning during pandemic period COVID – 19 (Iraqi case)
26Online Classroom Management: Lessons Learnt during COVID-19 Pandemic
27Overlap and Repair of Turn-Taking System during Collaborative Oral Peer Feedback in an EFL Writing Course
28Adaptation to Online Learning during COVID-19: The Perceptions of Students at Tishk International University
29The Pragmatics of Criticism: Native versus Non-Native Speakers of English 
30The Use of Translation in the Language Classroom: A Useful Tool to Enhance Language Proficiency
31English Language Skills and Job Opportunities as Observed by Students in Kurdish Universities
32Comparative Study of Some Traditional and Modern Methods of Teaching Among Undergraduate Students in Education Faculty at Tishk International University
33Conversation Analysis of Adjacency Pairs in Interviews: A Review Article
34Comparing the productivity of selected affixes in English and Kurdish
36The Effect of Objective Testing on Undergraduate Students’ Writing Skills
37The Effectiveness of Using English Songs in E-learning Environment on EFL College Students’ Speaking Skills
38The Impact of Short-Term Memory Developing Strategies, on The Interpretation Performance of Students 
39 Learning Difficulties in High School Physics