The Faculty of Education at Tishk International University is pleased to announce that the accepted papers from the VESAL Conference 2024 will have the opportunity to be published in two distinct venues:

  1. International Journal of Social Sciences & Educational Studies (IJSES): Papers that meet the rigorous requirements and guidelines of the journal will be featured in the IJSES. This esteemed publication provides a platform for scholarly discourse and dissemination of research in the fields of social sciences and education.
  2. VESAL Book of Proceedings: For manuscripts that do not fully align with the journal’s criteria, we offer an alternative avenue for dissemination. These papers will be included in the VESAL Book of Proceedings, which is assigned an ISBN number for proper identification and cataloging. Additionally, each article within the proceedings will receive a DOI number, ensuring its traceability and accessibility in scholarly databases.

We encourage all authors to meticulously adhere to the guidelines set forth by the IJSES, ensuring the highest quality of scholarship. Regardless of the chosen venue, we look forward to showcasing the valuable contributions of our conference participants. Thank you for your dedication to advancing knowledge and fostering academic dialogue.