Individual and Social Educational Messages in a Foreign Language 

Serdar Dayan  

English Language Teaching Department, Tishk International University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Email: [email protected] 

Published: February 22, 2023


Language teaching, which is not limited to a specific subject or field, has the opportunity to touch many aspects of students’ lives. Even mother tongue teaching does not include subjects as comprehensive as foreign language teaching. Foreign language teaching touches everything from waking up in the morning to everywhere a person can go and everything a person can do. In short, it touches everything a person can experience with their senses or ideas. A field with such a wide scope in life also makes great contributions to the education of students. There is no age limit to learning a foreign language, as it is never too late to learn something about life. It has been observed that people of all ages all over the world are generous with both time and money when it comes to learning languages. This shows the importance placed on foreign languages. This study aims to attract the attention of researchers to this aspect of foreign language teaching by trying to place the gains and values that are universally accepted in the individual and social field into foreign language education, and to reveal more work in this field by conducting studies. Additionally, it aims to contribute to the training of students by making use of the feature of foreign language education, which has a wide opportunity to give a message to students in terms of its subjects. This research is a qualitative study prepared based on data obtained from examining books prepared for foreign language teaching and studies on social values and human upbringing. 

Keywords: Foreign Language, teaching by giving a message, Foreign language teaching

DOI: 10.23918/vesal2023v36