Competency-Based Approach in EFL Speaking Classes: An Analysis of Teachers’ and Students’ View at Soran University 

Parishan Haji Ahmad 

English Language Department, Faculty of Arts, Soran University, Iraq

Email: [email protected] 

Published: February 22, 2023


In recent years, it can be noticed that Communication Language Teaching (CLT) has become one of the common approaches in English as a second language (ESL) and English as a foreign language (EFL). The main purpose of this method is to make students develop communicative competence rather than skilled in grammatical structure. Students’ knowledge of communicative skills is still not up to the expectations, as seen by their struggles in examinations, tests, and job interviews. CBLT is an example of a Competency-Based Education (CBE) method, an educational trend that emphasizes learning objectives or outputs in the construction of language programs. CBE focuses on what learners are supposed to accomplish with the language, regardless of how they learn. The competencies viewpoint is centered on outcomes rather than inputs to learning (Richards, 2014). 

The research aims at exploring Soran EFL teachers’ understanding of the Competency-Based Approach (CBA), its underlying principles, and classroom procedures or (types of using activities in the classroom). Also, the study aims at investigating students’ views of the CBA. 

The study includes both quantitative and qualitative research methods. The tools used for data collection include teachers’ interviews and student questionnaires. The sample of the study consists of 2 teachers and 50 students randomly chosen first and second years of the English Department- Faculty of Education at Soran University. 

Keywords: Competency-Based Approach, Speaking, Competency, Competence 

DOI: 10.23918/vesal2023v27