The Value of Soft Skills in a World Dominated By AI: Why Human Qualities Are More Critical than Ever 

Liva Adil Shareef 

English Language Teaching Department, Tishk International University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Email: [email protected] 

Published: February 22, 2023


Due to the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) in the modern workplace, there is an increasing concern about the potential for automation to replace human jobs. While AI can perform specific tasks more efficiently or accurately than humans, it cannot replicate the complex social and emotional interactions central to many occupations. In this context, the value of soft skills, such as communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence, becomes even more apparent. These personal qualities and attributes are uniquely human and are difficult to automate or replicate with AI. As a result, they can complement AI and help humans work effectively alongside it. This essay explores the importance of soft skills in a world dominated by AI and argues that they are more vital than ever for professional success. It will also examine how higher education institutions can support soft skills development in their students, including through experiential learning opportunities, project-based assignments, and extracurricular activities. In addition, the study will provide examples of universities that have successfully incorporated soft skills development into their programs, highlighting best practices and innovative approaches. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of the role of soft skills in the modern workplace and to demonstrate the importance of investing in their development. 

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Soft Skills, Human Qualities.

DOI: 10.23918/vesal2023v24