Exploring Undergraduates’ Expectations of English Language Teaching Program

Baren Rebar Khalil1 & Hewa Fouad Ali2 

1,2English Language Teaching Department, Faculty of Education, Tishk International University, Erbil, Iraq 

Email: 1[email protected] & 2[email protected] 

Published: February 22, 2023


Students’ transition from school to university can be challenging. A significant number of learners attend university with unrealistic expectations that spell trouble for the new cohort. Having realistic expectations, on the other hand, is important for learners as they affect the motivation and performance of the students throughout their studies. Planning and preparedness in this regard by the involved participants in the learning and teaching process are of priority. Hence, this qualitative study is conducted to investigate major stakeholders’ expectations (undergraduate learners and lecturers’ expectations from English Language Teaching Department). Data were collected from official documents related to the Program Outcomes and by interviewing students and lecturers through four focused groups, each consisting of 6-10 learners from all four grades in Tishk International University-Iraq. The results of the study showed an existing expectation mismatch between both parties along with the program outcomes that cause a variety of problems including poor academic performance, lack of motivation, disengagement, and display apathetic behavior by the learners. It is highly recommended for ELT program designers and lecturers to take students’ expectations into serious consideration when developing their programs and planning lessons.  

Keywords: Students’ expectations, Lecturers’ expectations, ELT program. Undergraduate Students

DOI: 10.23918/vesal2023v09