Dimensions of Literacy: Multiliteracy 

Ananda Majumdar 

Basic Adult Education, Vancouver Island University (Nanaimo Campus), British Columbia, Canada 

Email: [email protected] & [email protected]  

Published: February 22, 2023


The dimension of literacy has been described in language and literacy programs for years, especially four sizes always illustrated, such as speaking, listening, writing, and reading (Bainbridge et al., 2017). The last two, representing and viewing, have always been explained for better pedagogical understanding. Representing has been illustrated as a multimodal text for communication about an idea, such as how to draw a picture, or a picture book, or make a computer graphic etc. Educators have always created spaces for students to explain their representation and viewing. It can be done by drawing, painting, creating a picture textbook, or a picture book. Therefore, the creation of a picture textbook has been illustrated as students’ representation through which they demonstrate surrounding by colour, graphics, and environmental scenarios. This is how they represent their learning, skills, and culture to others in the classroom. Viewing and representation by creating a picture book or picture textbook build relations among the dimensions of literacy. These dimensions help students write, learn, and create pictorial images as classroom learning requirements. Literacy thus has been defined as multiliteracy throughout six dimensions that always help students understand many pedagogies, such as constructing meaning. The article’s objective is to focus on understanding multiliteracies in the context of six sizes, which can help the educator create a curriculum in the classroom for elementary learners through many narratives, such as making a picture book for early literacy etc. The outcome of the article has illustrated pedagogical theories through literacy learning that can help students for learning in the classroom. The methodology has been conducted through documentary analysis, mainly emphasized in a chapter called, Introduction to Language and Literacy Education of the book Constructing Meanings Pedagogies for Literacies K-8 7th edition (Bainbridge et al., 2017). The feature question is how does a  picture book illustrate multiliteracies for pedagogical development in the context of students learning?   

Keywords: Multiliteracy, Picture Book, Collage, Six Dimensions of Literacy, Multimodal Literacy, Constructing Meaning, Skill Development, Children of the World, Pedagogical Monsters.  

DOI: 10.23918/vesal2023v05