Influence of Using Quizizz Platform on Student Motivation in English Language Classes 

Alpaslan Tokar 

English Language Teaching Department, Tishk International University, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Published: February 22, 2023


The rapid advancement in technology has exercised a favorable impact on every aspect of our daily lives from conducting our business transactions to the way we handle communication. As technology has surrounded us, its integration with education is truly inevitable. It offers students innumerable online resources, prompts them to search for relevant information, and allows them to oversee their learning. The use of educational software can facilitate learning by clarifying complex topics through pictures, animations, or videos. One such platform that can promote instruction and learning is Quizizz educational platform that engages students through its gamified motivational tools. This article seeks to explore and analyze the impact of using the Quizizz platform on university students’ intrinsic motivation toward language learning. To this end, as a research tool, a survey was designed and administered to university students who are mandated to take an English language course as per the requirement of their curriculum adapted in their respective departments. The preliminary results indicated that there was a significant relationship between using the Quizizz platform in language classes and students’ motivation.    

Keywords: Technology, language learning, Quizizz, student motivation 

DOI: 10.23918/vesal2023v04