The more empowered schools, The more fruitful students

Abdullah Kurudirek1, Oygul Berdieva2
1Stirling Education, IRAQ & 2N. Sciences Dept., UZBEKISTAN
[email protected] & [email protected]
*[email protected]


Not every student at your school will become a doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc. They will; however, all grow up at some point. They will also require the appropriate life skills to be resilient, well-adjusted, and capable of managing everyday life. They must learn how to take care of themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially from a young age. For this reason, teaching students life skills in school is just as important as teaching them how to count and spell. Life skills and a student’s development are inextricably linked. They encourage students to live healthy lives and have healthy minds, allowing them to reach their full potential and engage more effectively with their environment. In this paper, the role of education in making the changing generations ready for life at the desired level and, of course, the empowering of schools; is aimed to reconsider the tripod and thus reach a more productive future and productive generations.

Keywords: Empowering, Government, Generation z, Life skills, Tripod.

Doi: 10.23918/vesal2022a5