Exploring Factors that Affect EFL University Students’ Reading Comprehension

1Reka Husamaddin Yasin

2Ameera Mohammed Abdullah

1University of Basic Education

2University of Basic Education

[email protected]


Reading comprehension is a necessary skill throughout university as it is closely related to other skills; writing, speaking and listening, and like the other skills it is influenced by some factors. Hence, students are required to read regularly and understand the reading material in order to have better ability in the learning process. Furthermore, one of the most notable problems faced by instructors is lack of motivation and active participation of the students in understanding the subject taught by the teacher, which decreases the students´ willingness to achieve the material being taught. As well as, lack of reading texts among the university students, which reflects the students’ poor academic ability, is another problematic situation. It is assumed that learners who are unable to read and comprehend face many challenges during their studies. The aim of the research is to explore the main factors that affect EFL university students’ ability of English department in reading comprehension. In addition, this research tries to find solutions for the problems. The Descriptive Quantitative method is used in this research, where the questionnaire and interview were used as a tool for data collection method and the sample is third year students of English department. 

Keywords: EFL, Reading Comprehension Skill, University Students

Doi: 10.23918/vesal2022a38