Arousing Students’ Motivation in ESL Classrooms; Increasing and Enhancing Participation, Interaction and Production

1Mustafa Altun, 2Soran Abdullah Khdhir

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The ESL classrooms plan an animated role to enhance the support for English as a second language in most of the areas of the world. The global village has dominated the context of newness and support for the use of English this is why the use of the language is increased. The need for increasing enhancement is high for the classrooms’ output in the context of production and interaction. This is why the participation rate needs to be more in the classes. The role of motivation is promising in this regard to cultivating support for more output from ESL classrooms. Motivation is an action tool that may lead to the growth of the learning process. It is a scheduled practice that may allow the learners to grow with time. Total number of participants taken were 852 among which 500 were females and rest of were males. The participants were from different colleges who support ESL classroom. In addition, both internal and external motivational factors are essential in this regard. Motivation has an animated role to enhance the concerns of motivation which may allow the boost to learning it not as a formality but with dedication and support. The analysis has evaluated the motivation role with the aid of relevant tools of qualitative investigation plan of methodology via secondary analysis support. The main objective of the study is to find out what role ESL plays in enhancing skills regarding English speaking and progressing the lives of those who take part in it.  

Keywords: ESL, classroom, motivation, participation, English, enhancement, interaction, production

Doi: 10.23918/vesal2022a29