Overlap and Repair of Turn-Taking System during Collaborative Oral Peer Feedback in an EFL Writing Course

Fatimah Saadi Ali

Education Faculty- English Language Teaching Department

Tishk International University- Erbil

[email protected]


 In the last decade, peer feedback in English as a Foreign language (EFL) writing classroom has been suggested by the researchers. It is one of the professional activity tools to be provided in EFL writing classroom which makes the students to involve more in the class. It is one of the activities that provides learner center rather than teacher center. Therefore, many research studies have been carried out about the usefulness, cognitive, and social benefits of peer feedback. This paper investigates how /when overlap and repair, as two elements of the turn-taking system, take place at the oral collaborative feedback writing session. The study is also aimed to investigate how these elements happen and self-repair and which of them is taken most. The qualitative approach was implemented in this study. The data was collected through audio recording. A group of freshmen students in an EFL writing course were participated and recorded their oral peer feedback session. The conversation analysis approach was used to analyze the interaction in the classroom. The study’s result has shown that in the collaborative oral feedback session overlap and repair have taken place in the EFL writing classroom. It also revealed that it has a great role during the class session as well as impact on those students who want to improve their writing skills. Overall, it has been recommended that this topic as collaborative feedback session should be investigated more in classroom conversation particularly in writing course.

Keywords: EFL Writing Course, Collaborative Oral feedback, Overlap, and repair system