The Effectiveness of Skimming and Scanning Strategies in Facilitating Reading Comprehension for EFL Learners
Imadin Maged Zannrni
Assistant Lecturer, Cihan University – Erbil

Skimming and scanning are two important strategies in reading comprehension. Skimming strategy is considered a strategy that entails taking a quick look at a text to get an overview of its
content, whereas scanning is regarded as a strategy to help readers quickly go through a text to
find a particular piece of information. The aim of conducting this research is to find out the effectiveness of using skimming and scanning strategies in facilitating teaching reading comprehension for EFL learners. The research method applied in this study is a quantitative approach
designed to establish a cause-and-effect relationship between two phenomena. The methods
of study are questionnaires and observation. The research is conducted on the learners at private universities, in Erbil. The learners who participate in this research are from the intermediate
levels. Learners are randomly divided into two sections. Learners are randomly divided into two
sections. One section is randomly chosen to be the experimental group and the other is the control group. Treatment is the use of skimming and scanning strategies in which the experimental group is exposed. Thus, the purpose of this research is to prove that the use of skimming and
scanning strategies is effective to improve students’ reading achievement. Therefore, these reading strategies are appropriate to be applied in a reading class

Keywords: reading comprehension, skimming and scanning strategies