The ever increasing population, the immigration from countryside to cities, the usage of oil to boost development and the resulting environmental pollution, the increasing demand for energy and the alarming environmental degradation all together led to pursue this panel discussion.

Panelists will propagate their gospels from different angles on how to tackle the resulting environmental problems simultaneously that related to the ever increasing needs of architectural buildings, preservations of the environment and maintaining economic growth, those three goals will lead to acceptable sustainable solution to our degrading mother planet earth

Architecture and Environment

Panelists are:

Venue: Tishk International University

Date: 7-02-2018

Dr Hassan Hassoon ALDelfi                              Panelist & Chair

Prof. Marc Belderbos                                       panelist

Dr Hafedh ALRahu                                           panelist



Dr. Hassan Majeed Hassoon AL-Delfi:

Overview: Dr. Hassan Hassoon is a Doctor Engineer, faculty member at the INDS Dept., Tishk International University Erbil, Previously, The Regional Manager-Iraq of IBA and Associates Consulting Engineers. Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assistant Professor at the University of Dubai a GUCR faculty member, Prior to that Dr. Hassan was appointed as head of Civil Eng. Dept., University Maisan-Iraq. Dr. Hassoon joined the UD since the year 1999 teaching Contemporary Environmental Issues, Emirati Studies, University Planning & Career Success, and Mathematics, Dr. Hassan Hassoon awarded by the president of the University for the Completion of ten years at this thriving institution. Dr. Hassoon interest was directed towards the Cotemporary Environmental Issues that is related to the GCC and the region. Dr. Hassoon has introduced three new courses on Water and the Future, the other course on Energy and Integrated Science, University Planning and Career Success, and UAE Society course. Dr. Hassoon participated in many local and international conferences on topics related to environment and energy conservation and mathematical modeling. Dr. Hassoon published more than 50 papers and articles in fields of fluid flow, solar energy, noise pollution and sustainability. He has more than 30 years of teaching experience. Worked at the Daura Oil refineries- Baghdad, the BOC Linde Refrigeration Ltd., UK, and The State Establishment for Manufacturing oil Equipment’s – Baghdad all this prior to joining the UOT Baghdad Iraq, He supervised five Master Degree students and one PHD, author of two books on Computers and Engineering and Numerical Analysis. Dr. Hassoon worked as consultant in Belyouha Engineering and Architects Dubai UAE prior to joining the University of Dubai. Qualifications: B.Sc. Queen Mary College/London University, Master Degree Strathclyde University Scotland and PHD Bristol University UK.




Overview:Dr. Marc is Professor at the Faculty of Architecture LOCI at the UCLouvain Belgium. Associated Professor at the faculty of Architecture LUCA at the KULeuven . Marc Belderbos kept a balance throughout all his life between architectural drawings, architectural design, the construction of various buildings, architectural theory and teaching. His achievements were praised by the critic Geert Bekaert the philosopher Alain Badiou and various other publications. His doctorate – The reason for the augury – establishing in the thought the genius of the architecturer was greeted by various great personalities (Badiou, Ladrière, Guy Van Kerkhoven ….) He has participated in at least 30 international symposiums and in numerous grouped publications: Geometry, Measurement of the World (The Discovery 2003). Why is it so difficult to talk about architecture? (UCL 2013) Actuality of Alberti – ‘Les lices de l’actualité’ ( Three texts in Psychoanalitische Perspectieven … etc .. He prepares the regrouping of his writings and manages the site under construction.

Dr. Hafedh Yahya ALRahu:

Overview: Dr Hafedh Yahya currently is a faculty member in the Architecture Dept., Tishk International University, B.Sc. in Architectural Eng., Engineering College / Mosul University 1988, M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering, Engineering College / Mosul University 2001, Ph.D. Architecture Design, School of Housing, Building and Planning / USM / Malaysia 2015. Title of PhD thesis is “Environmental Impact of predominant Building Materials of Mosques in Mosul” Dr Hafedh published book in Springer titled “Life Cycle Analysis of Building Materials”. He published 5 research papers in referred international journals, 5 research papers in referred international conferences, he participated in 13 workshops, he has 15 years teaching in Architecture Department in University of Mosul 2 years teaching in the Department of Architecture / Tishk International University