Dr. Young Min Kwon is a Professor of Microbiology at the University of Arkansas. He is currently affiliated with the Department of Poultry Science and Cell and Molecular Biology (CEMB) program. Dr. Kwon has a long-term research interest in studying the bacterial pathogen Salmonella using a functional genomics approach. His lab developed a powerful functional genomics tool for bacteria based on transposon mutagenesis and next-generation sequencing. Dr. Kwon is interested in advancing the research tools continuously to explore the vast genomic space in Salmonella to understand the genetic determinants and the complex genetic interaction network this pathogen utilizes for their fitness and survival in the host environments. The research outcomes have direct implications for the development of novel strategies to control this pathogen. Dr. Kwon is also interested in expanding these strategies to investigate non-model gut commensal bacteria to overcome our current challenges in understanding gut microbiomes. At this ICOWOBAS conference, Dr. Kwon will share his research, insights, and future perspectives on this expanding research area.




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