Aim and Scope

The aim of the conference is presenting and discussing their projects with a large number of scholars and students with different scientific backgrounds, developers enhance their knowledge and skills not only in the academic area but also in presenting their skills in the labor market. The conference will also increase the cooperation between students and their supervisors in preparing project posters and publishing their work in proceedings and research papers. Researchers can present their projects in different areas of information technology and computer science and engineering fields, such as computer and mobile applications; networking; artificial neural networks; graphic design; hardware design; digital signal processing; and information security.


Conference Outcome:

  1. Students with their supervisors had the opportunity to present their work to people from inside and outside the university, which increased the opportunity to enhance their work with the ideas and comments of the audience.
  2. The conference is an excellent opportunity to introduce IT and computer science and engineering projects to professors and developers from departments and universities outside of their own.
  3. The students reported that they had a successful experiment in talking to a large number of audiences, which increased their confidence and pacing.
  4. Posters’ presentations are useful in presenting the projects’ contributions briefly and efficiently.
  5. Abstracts of presented projects will be published, and they will have a registered Digital Object Identifier (DOI) prefix.


Future Plans:

  1. To write a manuscript for each article and publish all conference articles with a DOI prefix.
  2. Invite developers who are having remarkable success in the IT market to attend the conference.
  3. To invite companies from the labor market to support researchers and sponsor the conference.