Dr. Sultana Begum
Business and Management Department, Tishik International University, Erbil, Iraq
Email: [email protected]
DOI: 10.23918/ICABEP2019p31
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Business regulatory reforms play a major role in the economic development of a Nation. According to the World Bank ‘The Doing Business’ report 2019, worldwide, a record number of 314 regulatory reforms were introduced in 128 countries around the world from 2017 to 2018. When a Business environment flourishes it creates employment opportunities and also generates income to the country. The World Bank Doing Business database measures eleven parameters like trading across borders, starting Business, getting electricity, dealing with construction, enforcing contracts, paying taxes, registering property, resolving insolvency, getting Contracts, based on which 190 (one ninety) economies are ranked.

This paper analyzes the total number of reforms introduced in various countries to liberate and do business. Out of 128 countries the researcher extracted twenty-nine economies which have scored a positive 2(two) variance as the samples for the study. The Researcher found a positive correlation between the total reforms introduced in an economy and the variance of the score on the ‘ease’ of doing the business of 2018 and 2019 with substantiation from 29 economies. The findings include that the economies which have introduced a greater number of reforms had a positive increase in their score proportionately. High-income OECD countries introduced a smaller number of reforms compared to other regions, Sub- Saharan region has made a greater number of reforms. The paper suggests that since the two variables are directly correlating with each other, introducing effective reforms will result in a significant positive change in the scores and ranks of ease of doing the business of any economy. Keywords: Business Environment, ease of Doing Business, Regulatory Reforms, Economic Development.

International Conference on Accounting, Business, Economics and Politics

ISBN: 978-9922-9036-3-7