Literature and its Effectiveness in Improving English Language and its Cultural Understandings 

Areen Ahmed Muhammed 

Lecturer, English Department, College of Education and Languages, Charmo University, Chamchamal, Kurdistan  

[email protected]


When it comes to the field of literature the first thing which comes to mind is reading different literary works and from the different genres; however, literature means the development of communication between individuals of different cultures and societies; this is against the past knowledge that linguistics was regarded as a tool to teach languages. Through the study of language, imagination can hardly be developed and vocabulary development would be something so difficult to accomplish; in contrast, literary works will help learners of any language to adapt to the real world through language competence and knowledge since language and literature have an intimate role. The paper aims at improving the English language and understanding the cultural background of the language through literature. Another objective will be about the improvement of personal imaginations and emotion and provide the opportunity to use the language through the words that will be learned in different literary works effectively. Furthermore, further ideas will be given to utilize critical thinking. 

Keywords: Literature, Ethno, Culture, Communicative Approach, Critical Thinking 

Doi: 10.23918/vesal2022a8