Pre-service Teachers Perspectives Regarding their Workplace Readiness

By Aivar L. Surji1, Hannah K. Surji2
1Department of English Language Teaching, Faculty of Education. Tishk
International University

2Department of English Language Teaching, Faculty of Education. Tishk
International University
*[email protected]

Pre-service teachers often hold unrealistic expectations of teaching that influence their readiness and willingness to continue in the teaching field. Analyzing pre-service teachers’ knowledge, ability, and confidence provide insight into possible areas that could require further attention or practice. After all, readiness to enter the field of teaching requires pre-service teachers to be knowledgeable and confident in various aspects of planning, teaching, methods, strategies, resources, ability to manage the classroom, etc. Hence, this study’s purpose centers on exploring senior Education Faculty students’ perspectives on their readiness to enter the teaching field. This contributes to comprehending their confidences and anxieties, which would aid in finding areas that indicate a need for improvement. Moreover, this research applied a quantitative method that used a 15-question survey to anonymously collect results from 52 fourth-year students from Tishk International University-Erbil. These seniors were from the TIU departments of English Language Teaching, Biology, Math, and Physics. The results presented that a majority of learners are planning to work in their fields, and their feelings of readiness are average. The majority provided positive responses towards inquiries centering on being prepared to apply different teaching methods, plan learning activities and instructional strategies, and use technology while teaching. However, a substantial number of contributors expressed that they did not feel they received enough practice teaching and are worried about teaching in English.

Keywords: Preparedness, Satisfaction, Students, Bachelor’s, Education, Faculty

Doi: 10.23918/vesal2022a6