The Advantages of Teaching Short Stories in ESL classrooms: A Literature Review 

1Lara Nizam, 2Soran Mustafa Kurdi

ELT Department, Faculty of Education, Tishk International University

[email protected]


Many ESL experts have emphasized that short story has an important role in learning a new language. The use of short stories in teaching ESL classes has frequently been studied. Many researchers and educators have tried to identify more effective approaches to assist students become more efficient readers. They believe in the usefulness of including literary works into language classes. Literature, in general, and short stories, in specific, have countless advantages for ESL learners when they are taught properly by the ESL teachers. The advantages of incorporating short stories have been highlighted by researchers. A literature search in different databases was performed to pick relevant studies between 2011 and 2022 on the topic. In total, nine studies were included in this review. The articles show and discuss the ways short stories can be incorporated into teaching comprehension skills lessons. The review was done with a systematic literature. The results were summarized narratively. Distilling the major findings of the articles, the review concludes that short stories had various advantageous if properly selected and taught.  

Keywords: Short Stories, ESL, Reading Comprehension Skill, English Language Teaching

Doi: 10.23918/vesal2022a50