Common Features of English and Kurdish

1Serdar Dayan, 2Adem Daskan 

English Language Teaching Department, Faculty of Education, Tishk International University

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Needs such as economic, social, commercial and educational have enabled a nation to communicate with other nations. A need for a common language arose for proper and faster communication. In order to meet this need, many personal and social means have been used. So much so that people have not avoided even material and moral obligations in order to learn and speak the common language. Learning a foreign language has been an indispensable part of our century. There are many formal or online options for learning a foreign language, such as private tutors, private courses, private schools, private universities, going to the country where that language is spoken. In order to contribute to the fast and easier learning of Kurdish students who want to learn English as a foreign language, this study focuses on the close and common usage of Kurdish and English, since they are from the same language family. The features of these two languages, which are members of this language family, which covers a large part of the world from India to Europe and from there to the Americas, such as vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures will be discussed. It is aimed that this study will be a resource for Kurdish students to love English and to teach it more easily.

Keywords: Common Features, Foreign Language, EFL Learners

Doi: 10.23918/vesal2022a48