Teacher Leadership: Views of Administrators and Teachers

1Reman Sabah Meena, 2Hewa Fouad Ali,3Sami Hussein Hakim Barzani 

Tishk International University, Faculty of Education, English Language Teaching Department

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Teacher leadership is intended to improve instructional practices, promote school activities, and progress students learning. The cooperation of teachers in the school also positively affects the organizational climate. Therefore, it is thought that research on teacher leadership, which is vital for the success and effectiveness of schools, will play a role in increasing success. In this case, it is thought that revealing the views of administrators and teachers on teacher leadership will contribute to the subject of leadership in the field of education. Due to the limited number of studies in this field in Kurdistan Region-Iraq, it is thought that this study will be effective in explaining the importance of teacher leadership and the extent to which it is applied. It includes the views of both teachers and administrators working in public and private primary schools. Therefore, this study can contribute to the determination of the suggestions to administrators and teachers about teacher leadership in schools. It is thought that this may lead to new studies on the importance and necessity of teacher leadership. For this reason, this study, which was carried out using a qualitative research technique, will contribute to the literature by reaching the opinions of administrators and teachers about teacher leadership. 

Keywords: Leadership, Educational Leadership, Teacher Leadership, School Administrative.

Doi: 10.23918/vesal2022a47