The Value of Peer feedback in Enhancing Writing skills

Kanar Zirak Haseeb Chicho

Department of English Language Teaching, Faculty of Education, Tishk International University

[email protected]


Language education scholars have focused on enhancing writing skills for the past thirty years because writing skills have the most important role among other language skills. Language teachers have implemented many techniques and strategies to improve their writing skills. Peer feedback belongs to one of these vital techniques for allowing the students to express their ideas more clearly. Additionally, the scholars defined peer feedback as constructive criticism from students studying in the same field. It allows the students to cope with the problems of writing anxiety, lack of comfort, and fear of making mistakes. It also enables the learners to provide critiques of each other’s papers. Peer feedback makes the students more apparent and more critical. This study aims to highlight the value of peer feedback in writing classrooms. The researcher used a quantitative research design, and the populations of this study were 100 students from a private university in Erbil- Iraq. To collect students’ opinions, the researcher used a survey. The researcher analyzed the data by using Likert scales and charts. The results of the quantitative analysis demonstrate that most of the students have a positive perception of peer feedback. The students had considered peer feedback as an essential dialogue in writing classes. This study shows the value of peer feedback in enhancing writing skills.

Keywords: Writing skills, Peer feedback, Cooperation, Criticism

Doi: 10.23918/vesal2022a23