Impact of Pandemic COVID-19 on Higher Education in Iraq 

Hamdi Serin

Tishk International University

 [email protected]


During the covid-19 outbreak in Iraq, the higher education sector faced many obstacles, and this research examined how remote learning and other relevant technologies, platforms, and other internet ramifications helped to keep this vital sector going during the new standard era. Students and lecturers will also be given a look at ways to overcome the drawbacks of using these technologies in this paper. The Corona pandemic (COVID-19) had a significant impact on Iraqi education, which was transformed through the implementation of e-learning in an effort to reduce the risk of the coronavirus infecting students. Remote learning and its associated technologies, platforms, and other online consequences helped sustain Iraq’s vital higher education industry during the covid-19 pandemic while also providing insight into the issues encountered by the sector during the new normal era. This paper will also address the difficulties, benefits, and drawbacks of educators and students using these technologies, as well as possible solutions. 

Keywords: Challenges, Benefits, and Downsides of Online Learning, Higher Education, (Covid -19)