Classification and Analysis of Common Writing Errors of EFL Kurdish Learners at Education Faculty -TIU- Northern Iraq

1Fatima Saadi Ali

1English Language Teaching Department, Faculty of Education, Tishk International University, Iraq 

2Independent Researcher, Erbil, Iraq 

[email protected] 


Writing skills have always been a challenge for learners, particularly for EFL learners. So, the EFL learners make errors in their writing skills while transferring knowledge and expressing their thoughts on what to say. Learners are assisting successful writing skills, the classification and analyze their sources of writing errors are crucial. The present paper aims to shed light on analyzing and classifying frequent student errors of Kurdish university students in academic writing class. Ninety English as foreign language learners (EFLL) of Education Faculty-Tishk International University as a private sector in Northern Iraq from intermediate to advanced level have participated in this study. The participants were invited to write an essay about the assigned topic, limited to 150 – 300 words. Students’ errors were identified after checking them. The standard errors were analyzed and categorized depending on the Kashavaroz (2015) model. The analysis of errors was analyzed by Inter-rater reliability. The data showed that the morphological errors were making mistakes in their writings. Syntactic errors were also the frequent errors that learners made in their writing. The contribution of sources of the errors was interlingual and intralingual. The results have implications for further studies, for designers to adapt their syllabus, and for EFL teachers. 

Keywords: Errors, Error analysis, interlingual, intralingual, Kurdish learners, University Students, English as a Foreign language.