Conversation Analysis of Adjacency Pairs in Interviews: A Review Article

Rawand Sabah

Tishk International University


Adjacency pairs are one of the most important elements in conversation. Conversation analysis (CA) is the natural conversation that has participants two or more. Adjacency pairs is paired utterances by two different speakers. The aim of the review article is two reviews three selected papers in the context of adjacency pairs in interviews. For this purpose, the reviewer has chosen three articles in order to compare them for the sake of finding points of similarities and differences between them. The review article ended with the conclusion that though the papers were similar in their topics and used the same method qualitative descriptive method in their research, but what differentiated them was the way they analyzed and dealt with the types, numbers, and explanations of adjacency pairs in the context of conversation.

Keywords: Adjacency pairs, Aspects, Conversation, Interview, Participants