Keynote Speaker


Mr. Seban Hag Ibrahim

He has an MA in English Language and Literature from the University of Kurdistan Hawler-Erbil/Iraq, director and representative of the Montessori International School-Erbil, Chair of the English Department in SABIS Schools-Erbil. and a lecturer at the Ma’mun University. He is currently a member of the American International Accreditation Association team for Kurdistan educational firms. Participated in various workshops, seminars, and training courses. a participant in a conference

Title: Integrating Online Learning in Kurdistan’s Public Schools

The global epidemic prompted a major shift in educational norms. Switching to online learning with the usage of digital applications is one of these new educational trends. As long as the epidemic remains unexpected, the digital trend in schooling will certainly persist. The Covid19 pandemic, which was unexpected, aroused the need for online learning in Kurdistan schools and universities. It has proven that insisting on classroom learning might not be the best method for learning in schools in the 21st century during pandemic eras. Traditional professional instructors and students are being forced to accept the digital world as a result of the usage of digital technology in education. Our modern society is characterized by being technologically driven, and schooling is not an exception. With the outbreak of the pandemic, schools in the Kurdistan region were closed for many months as a way to combat the spread of the virus. A study was conducted in three public schools, the participants were students from K through 12 grade and 10 parents of students. The study found five themes, through thematic analysis, that exemplified the main obstacles public schools had: illiteracy of teachers in using technological matters, lack of technological devices, poor internet connection, poor electrical connection, and the negative perception of students and their parents towards online learning.