Tishk International University (Faculty of Education) holds the 9th student conference under the title of “9th National Young Researchers Conference”.
As Education Faculty, we are working on developing a student agency to raise student’s achievement. They need to be active participants in their learning. When learners move from being passive recipients to being much more active in the learning process and actively involved in the decisions about the learning, then they have greater agency.

Why have students led conferences?

This also relates well to our faculty values of promoting excellence through being caring, creative, connected, and critical thinkers. In student-led conferences, the student takes the central role during organizing and presenting along with discussions that help them to develop the skills required to become an educator and a lifelong learner.

• Students demonstrate their caring attitude towards their learning by taking personal responsibility for their learning.
• It also provides opportunities for students to show their creativity through presenting evidence of their learning.
• The process of reflection and self-evaluation supports students to develop critical thinking.