For better evaluation, easier processing, and earlier reply, your abstract should follow the following format.


1. Topic should be in one of the Dentistry Specialties.

2. Abstract text word limit: 300 words(not counting names and affiliation details)

3. Suggested font: Times New Roman, Font size 14

4. Text alignment: Justified

5. Spacing between the title, the author(s) and the abstract text: Single

6. Line spacing of the text: Single

7. First letter of name(s) of the author(s) should be written in upper case followed the rest in lower case. (e.g., Rahel Sardar)

8. The presenting author’s name must be written in boldif the only one is presenting. If both, leave both regular.

9. All authors’ affiliation details [e.g., department, organization, or institution, city or town, state (if applicable) and country] should be written under the names.

10. The affiliations should be mentioned in the abstract text.

11. The abstract should be divided into the following sections (the subtitles being typed in lower case and in bold): Introduction – Purpose – Method – Results –Conclusions.

12. Keyword ( minimium 3 words)

13. Full paper should be submitted with the abstract.


All papers submissions will be peer-reviewed and evaluated in terms of their appropriateness and their overall quality. The review process and decision made in the while is intended to be academic, educational, and constructive. The Editorial Board Committee deems every right to reject or accept any proposal as per abstract eligibility.


· Papers submitted after April 15, 2023, will not be accepted.

· Papers previously published (in local or international journals) will be accepted after  being confirmed by the Editorial Board and Scientific Committees.

· The author may present more than one (1) paper, and it can be co-authored and co-presented as well.

· Notifications of acceptance or rejection of the abstract submission will be corresponded through the NCOS official email. Therefore it is critically important to check your inbox/email regularly and make sure your spam and/or trash folders are checked as well.

· Notifications of acceptance or rejection of the abstract submission will be replied within 10 days after the last day of submission. In case of no-replies please email [email protected].

· Please read and follow all papers submission instruction very carefully, as incomplete or incorrect submissions will not be reviewed and sent back to the submitter. Accepted articles will be presented in the form of a poster prepared by the author. Guidelines of poster presentation will be sent to the author with the acceptance letter.



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