Guideline for Presenters

Oral Presentation Guidelines – ICCRAMS 2019

The presented talks should follow the below instructions:

Talk type Time allowed (min) Q/A session Note
Plenary speaker 30 No
Invited speaker 20 No
Oral presentation
15* Yes This time includes setup and questions
Flash talks ** 3 No

* We recommend that presentation of your slides should take about 12 minutes, leaving 3 minutes for setup, introduction, summary and questions from the audience.

** Flash talks will be chosen from the top poster submissions. The speaker will be informed prior to the meeting and will give 3mins talk, one PowerPoint slide will be used to present graphic(s) and/or illustration(s) of the project.

· Wireless internet access will be available from the presentation computer.

· Power point presentations 2016 (or higher) (as .ppt or .pptx) and Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf) will be accepted.

· If you have a video or audio file embedded in the presentation, we recommend using a standard video and audio codec compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.

· Please note that we cannot guarantee the quality of Macintosh-based presentations.

· Please bring the presentation on a USB flash drive.

· Presenters speaking in the program must visit the Tech Desk preferably the day before your session to load your presentation and ensure it has been checked and tested. If you are checking in on the day of your session, please come by at least 2 hours prior to the start of your session. You will be briefed on how to use the system when you meet with the audiovisual technicians.


Poster Presentation Guidelines

· The poster should include:

1. Introduction/Background

2. Objective/Aims/Problem Statement/Hypothesis

3. Materials and Methods/Methodology

4. Results and Discussion

5. Conclusion(s)

6. References

7. Acknowledgement

Poster preparation guidelines:

· All authors should print and bring their posters with them to the conference according to the below technical instructions.

· The provided poster boards are vertical, and the suggested poster size is A0 (841 x 1189 mm).

· The title of the poster must be bold, title case, centered and appear at the top.

· The names and affiliations of all authors should be clearly displayed on the poster, with the presenting author indicated by an asterisk* or underlined.

· The logo of the institution should be placed at the top left-hand corner of the poster. Additional logos might be added properly on the top write-hand corner of the poster.

· The poster text must be readable by a reader standing one meter in front of it. Make illustrations simple and bold. Enlarge photos, tables, and charts to show pertinent details clearly.

· Do include the logo of companies supporting the project.

· You may want to bring handouts of your abstract or copies of your data and conclusions to share with interested viewers. Some authors also provide sign-up sheets to record names and addresses of attendees who might wish more information, reprints, etc.

· All poster presentations will be assigned a number and a specific poster session time, this information will be available prior to the meeting.

· Poster should be hung in numerical order before the start of your assigned poster session.

· Please bring your own pushpins to hang your poster, but extras will be supplied in case of emergencies.

· Your poster must be posted at least within 1 hour prior to your presentation time and removed after the session. The organizing committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the posters after the session has ended.