Getting a Visa

Kurdistan is a state in the north of Iraq. Getting a visa to Kurdistan is relatively easy for many nationalities. Here’s a brief of the visa situation depending on your citizenship or the country of the passport you travel with (better yet, please check with the nearest Iraqi embassy):

  • United States – free 15-day visa upon arrival
  • United Kingdom – free 15-day visa upon arrival
  • European Union – free 15-day visa upon arrival
  • Turkey – free 30-day visa upon arrival
  • Australia – free 15-day visa upon arrival

For other nationalities that are not listed above, please contact the nearest Iraqi Embassy or Consulate before traveling to this region. However, there have been travelers from countries not listed above who have received a visa at the border crossing with Turkey. Please make sure you enquire about visas for your particular nationality to “Kurdistan – Iraq”, which might be different from the visa required for other parts of Iraq.

Flights to Erbil

Below are some of the airlines that offer flights to Erbil International Airport (EIA).
Click on each airline’s logo to check available flights: