Research Title: Photometric Light Curve Analysis of ET Leo

Author: Aven M. Hamedamen and Ismail M. Murad

Abstract: In this work, the short period system named (ET Leo) have been chosen to be analyzed with B , V and R light curves with the Wilson-Devinney code and the results of orbital parameters of the system were obtained and compared with those obtained from previous studies. The present results indicated that the selected system is a contact system and the absolute parameters of the components have been determined with suitable accuracy, for which the physical parameters have been obtained in a uniform way. Spot solution parameters have been evaluated for the binary system under investigation. The system shows asymmetries and peculiarities in the observed light curves.

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Proceeding Book of ICASEE

ISBN: 978-9922-9036-1-3

5th year , 7 – 9th April, 2018

Conference Issue