Research Title: Malondialdehyde And C-Reactive Protien Values In Transfusion Dependent Thalassemia Patients

Author: Ahmed Abduljalal abduljabbar and Prof.Dr. Güldal Mehmetçik

Abstract: Thalassemia as a blood disorder has been known to passes down by parent to their offspring. The root of this disorder mainly returns to the Mediterranean Countries. Too much damage or degradation of erythrocytes is primarily the causative factor of the thalassemia as a result of producing defeated Hemoglobin Molecules, due to changes occurring in their DNA structure like insertion or deletion. For decades the only medical treatment those patients had is getting blood gave way by healthy volunteers. As a result of this process, they receive lots of Iron minerals possibly causing oxidative Stress, Inflammation and splenomegaly. The aim of the present work was to estimate the CReactive Proteins (CRP) as Biomarker of Inflammation, Serum Ferritin as Biomarker of Iron overload and MDA as biomarker of oxidative Stress in patients B- thalassemia then comparing their data to healthy normal volunteers. The study group consisted of 24 thalassemia patients and 24 control groups. The blood samples of β-thalassemia cases were collected in thalassemia center In Dr.Burhannalbantoğlu Government Hospital/ Cyprus. After centrifugation, Aliquots of serum and plasma has been stored for the later estimation CRP by colorimetric method, MDA by spectrophotometer and finaly, serum ferritin has been tested by fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer (Abbott Architect C8000). Our data shows that the levels of C-reactive protein (1.350 ± 1.142 vs 0.325 ± 0.398; p<0.001), MDA (7.734 ± 1.557 vs 5.638 ± 1.219; p<0.001) and serum ferritin (617.92 ± 238.63 vs 433.82 ± 228.61; p=0.016) were significantly greater in contrast to same parameters of healthy controls. overall, our study proved again that examining levels of CRP, MDA and serum ferritin could serve as good indicators of the future risks possibly faces those patients, knowledge about status of those parameters could offer Some Helpful Knowledge assisting health professionals in better management and probably Preventing or delaying Further Complication which may face patients with β-Thalassemia.


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5th year , 7 – 9th April, 2018

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