Research Title: Molecular Systematic Study for the Two Genera Lophochloa Rchb. & Schismus P.Beauv. (Poaceae) in Iraq

Author: Aboothar Ha. Al-Edhari , Shaymaʼa Ma. Al Regawi and Abdullah Sh. Sardar

Abstract: This study was conducted to identify genetic genotype patterns for the species of each genera Lophochloa & Schismus from family Poaceae in Iraq by using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and sequencing of chloroplast gene trnL-F technique. The result of the analysis of sequences and drawing the phylogenetic dendrogram showed cluster analysis of the species and descendant species of the genus Schismus in a single clade alone in the base of dendrogram and associated as a sister clade to the Lophochloa clade. The Lophochloa clade also subdivided in to two secondary clades. The first one gathered the L.phleoides, L. obtusiflora while the second gathered L. pumila, L. berythea with high support ( bootstrapping ) for all clades in cladogram. It seems that the sequences technique of chloroplast trnL-F gene has highly efficient in determination, separation and comparison between the two genera under study and support their descendant from one common ancestral origin.

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Proceeding Book of ICASEE

ISBN: 978-9922-9036-1-3

5th year , 7 – 9th April, 2018

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