Research Title: Unusual Hepatic Cyst (First Report Of human Apiosomaiasis) In Kurdistan/Iraq.

Author: Abdullah A. Hama

Abstract: Protozoan parasites are an important group of pathogens responsible for the human and animal infection. To date, Balantidium coli is the only ciliated known to cause human disease. Apiosoma species are protozoan ciliates ectoparasite found on the gills and body of the aquatic organism primarily freshwater fish. The current study describes the first occurrence of human Apiosoma sp. infection. The patient complained of abdominal discomfort and gastric pain, physical examination, as well as computerized axial tomography scan (CAT scan) and ultrasound graph (U/S), revealed the presence of a cystic structure in the left lobe of the liver. Infection was initially thought to have been caused by Echinococcus granulosus Hydatid cyst (HC). The microscopic examination of the cyst fluid showed the presence of a huge number of Apiosoma sp and protoscolex was not detected. This report concludes that human can be the accidental host of Apiosoma sp. in particular condition.

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5th year , 7 – 9th April, 2018

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