Research Title: Morphological, chemical and anatomical study on different rapeseed genotypes in Erbil

Author: Asoz Omer Abdullah , Sirwan Taha Saleh and Bahar Jalal Mahmood

Abstract: The study was conducted at Grdarasha Research Field / College of Agriculture/ University of Salahaddin / Erbil during the winter growing season (2014-2015), to select a genotype which has adaptation to our region depending on yield and quality in additional to anatomical studies of the studied genotypes .For this purpose a field experiment was conducted for comparison among (12) genotypes using randomize complete block design (RCBD) with three replicates under supplemental irrigation condition. The results indicated that Dunckled genoyype superior significantly in days from sowing to maturity, number of pods plant-1 , Seeds Pod-1, Seed index , Seed yield (Mg ha-1 ) , biological yield and harvest index with the values of (166.33 days , 248.63, 25.68, 6.10 , 5.20, 16.20 and 0.32 respectively, while the highest values of oil% and oil yield
were recorded from Bard-1 genotype.
Results also revealed the presence of large variations in numbers of vascular bundles per midribs; stem epidermal layers and thickness of cells; cortex and vascular bundles for different genotypes. The differences were observed in the vascular bundles per midrib of leaf large vascular bundle surrounded by collenchyma, except Bard-, Rally, Rendy and Rapiferathe midribs composes of three semicircular vascular bundles. and showed variations in stem epidermal layers, were two layers as in Sultan, Bacara, and Rapifera.

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