Research Title: The Pathogencity Factors of Proteus vulgaris Isolated from Urinary Tract Infection Patients

Author: Mohammed Oudah Hamad

Abstract:Three hundred and ten specimens were aggregated from midstream urine taken from patients complaining from urinary tract infections, sixteen isolates(5.7%) of Proteusvulgaris were isolated and identified from 281positive culture for urine samples based on  their apparently features( cultural  and microscopical) and biochemical tests ,All of  current  isolates were not have capsule. The antibiotics susceptibility of these isolates were examined opposite sixteen antibiotics and its resistance to some antibiotics high while The impinem ,meropenem ,sifitrixon ,cefotaxime , rifampicin ,nitrofuranation , amikacin and gentamycin were appeared  more active. The isolates had one of iron providing systems during the production of  haemolysin or siderophore, and all isolates had capable of production swarming, lipase, urease and the production ratio of the – Lactamase,elastase and protease were (81.3%),(62.5%)  and  (37.5%) , respectively.

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Proceeding Book of ICASEE

ISBN: 978-9922-9036-1-3

5th year , 7 – 9th April, 2018

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