Research Title: An approximate solution of two-dimension mixed Volterra- Fredholm
integral equation of the second kind via iterative kernel method

Author: Talaat I. Hasan

Abstract: The main aim of this paper is using iterative kernel method (IKM) for solving two-dimension mixed Volterra-Fredholm integral equation of the second kind (MVFIE-2). The suitable algorithm for IKM is suggested, the programming for the algorithm of the technique is written by Matlab programs. The IKM technique is applied for solving test examples. In addition, some new theorems are proved. From tables (1) and (3) shown a comparison between the exact and numerical solutions, it occurred that the results are very good. In addition, in tables (2) and (4) computing the
least square error (LSE) and running times (RT) which are criterion of discussion.

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Proceeding Book of ICASEE

ISBN: 978-9922-9036-1-3

5th year , 7 – 9th April, 2018

Conference Issue