Research Title: Study of Helminthes in Glyptothorax kurdistanicus (Actinopterygii: Sisoridae) in Greater Zab and Lesser Zab Rivers, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Author: Younis S. Abdullah, Samir J. Bilal, Shwan K. Rahman, Shamall M. A. Abdullah

Abstract: During April 2015 to the end of August 2016, a total of 34 Glyptothorax kurdistanicus were captured from Greater Zab River near Aski-Kalak Town, south east of Erbil City and some watersheds of Sharbazher area northeast of Sulaimani City, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. The study revealed the existence of five species of helminthes including two species of metacercaria of trematodes (Clinostomum complanatum, Diplostomum spathaceum), one species of cestode (Ligula intestinalis), one species of nematode (Procamallanus viviparous), and one species of acanthocephalan (Pomphoryhnchus spindletrucatus). Glyptothorax kurdistanicus in the present study is considered as a new host for all recorded parasitic helminthes in Iraq. Full description, prevalence and mean intensity of infection of these parasites were demonstrated in the present study.

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