Dr. Sławomir Chomik M.D.
Warsaw, Poland
DOI: 10.23918/ICABEP2019p3
(Full Paper)

An analysis of current demographic trends and the impact of innovative technological solutions on selected health care system parameters in Poland, with particular focus on cardiologic patients – due to the leading cause of mortality in this population. New technology solutions that are emerging in the health care industry are coming in a very good moment. Ageing society, including healthcare professionals themselves, increased morbidity among elderly patients, and growing needs and expectations of the population, make it increasingly difficult for caregivers to provide individual care at a satisfactory level. With the ever-increasing expectations and costs of healthcare systems, the adoption of new technologies should be broader and faster for both healthcare providers and patients. An analysis of the role of innovative technology in the new market environment is the subject of the presentation.


Keywords: Aging Society, Mortality, Mobile Apps, Work Absenteeism



International Conference on Accounting, Business, Economics and Politics

ISBN: 978-9922-9036-3-7